If you’re a resident of Ho bỏ ra Minh City, there’s no better place to get a check-up than at Victoria Healthcare. This locally owned healthcare clinic first made its mark in 2005, when founding partners Dr. Mason Cobb, a respected pediatric surgeon, và Dr. Nguyen Vinh Tuong, famous in the world of gastroenterology, used their combined medical knowledge và genuine love for Vietnam lớn create their flagship clinic. Since then, Victoria Healthcare has grown to become one of the leading healthcare clinics in HCMC.

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From day one the doctors at Victoria Healthcare started helping patients with a simple motto: “The best healthcare, done at an affordable price”. They still adhere lớn this philosophy today.

What to Expect

If you’re looking for a long-term care facility for you and your family that has a strong focus in preventative care, this is definitely the place for you. The founders have developed the hospital with the mission of respecting each patient that walks through the doors in every way possible. This respect means cleanliness and sterility are practiced at international standards, privacy is ensured for each và every patient & bedside manners are a high priority.


The staff – be they administrative or medical – is definitely one of the high points when you schedule an appointment at at Victoria Healthcare. For starters, every employee at Victoria speaks fluent English. This is a requirement for Tuong & Cobb, who would lượt thích each member of staff to be able khổng lồ communicate to lớn the large numbers of English-speaking expats as well as the local Vietnamese population of Ho đưa ra Minh City.

Another trademark of the staff in Victoria Healthcare is their commitment to lớn continued learning. The goal of this? lớn make sure that every staff member provides service & healthcare at an international standard.

This training starts with the receptionists at the phone desks. Tuong and Cobb make sure that they’re knowledgeable enough about medicine khổng lồ know if someone is sick or not through a phone call. This is a small detail, but an important one. If a patient needs to speak khổng lồ a department quickly, it’s the receptionist’s job to lớn understand the situation instantly. At Victoria Healthcare, there’s no need khổng lồ worry.

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The continued medical education for nurses and doctors is even more ingrained in the company culture at Victoria Healthcare. Nurses, for example, learn with Continuing Nurse Education, or CNE. This weekly course makes sure that every nurse is up-to-date with state of the art techniques và knowledge of their profession.

The doctors at Victoria Healthcare keep their skills sharp with Continuing Medical Education, or CME. To start with, one doctor is assigned an in-depth medical topic khổng lồ research every week. This doctor develops a presentation and presents it to lớn all doctors on the Victoria Healthcare staff (some of them by teleconference). This presentation, done entirely in English, makes sense: while it gives the presenting doctor the opportunity to lớn delve into contemporary medical issues, it also imparts knowledge to lớn every other doctor in the company.

Along with the presentation, the doctors are also quizzed with case studies. They must read about a hypothetical patient’s symptoms and pass a quiz about how khổng lồ treat them well. If they don’t consistently vày well on these tests, the doctor’s pay potential is affected. So rest assured, every doctor here is at the top of their game!


Since the opening of the first clinic, which originally had four departments, Victoria Healthcare has expanded lớn offer 15 medical services to their patients. These are all the departments currently available at Victoria:

- Pediatrics- Gastroenterology & Hepatology- Dentistry- Cardiology- Women’s Care- Urology & Andrology- Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)- Neurology- General Practice- Radiology- Orthopedics- Endocrinology- Dermatology- Family Medicine- Rheumatology


But what makes Victoria Healthcare so special? It has khổng lồ be their special emphasis on preventative medicine. Rather than just treat a patient once they’re sick, the doctors at Victoria are aiming for a higher goal: they want to help their patients lead better, longer and happier lives. When a patient meets with a doctor for the first time, a doctor at Victoria Healthcare doesn’t just take the patient’s current condition into account.

If a man comes to a doctor at Victoria complaining about a knee problem, the doctor will, of course, fix the problem. However, if the man’s breath smells lượt thích cigarette smoke, that’s an issue that will be brought up. By developing genuine patient-doctor relationships, every practitioner at Victoria creates a personalized healthcare dossier tailored to lớn their patient’s family history, personal history and lifestyle. Rather than treating medical conditions as they arise, the doctors here aim lớn educate patients on how lớn prevent medical conditions before they start. It’s a concept that’s still in its infancy in Vietnam, so be sure not khổng lồ take this commitment to lớn health lightly!

However, one chip core concept must also be noted about Victoria Healthcare: respect. Cobb and Tuong vì chưng everything possible lớn make sure that each patient isn’t just healed – they’re respected as individual humans. One example? The right to privacy. If you go lớn a public hospital in Vietnam, chances are overcrowding will be an issue. At Victoria Healthcare, every effort is made khổng lồ make sure that each patient has their own space, partitioned off from other patients lớn make sure that anonymity is respected. However, don’t take our word for it. Just look on the walls of every Victoria Healthcare clinic. You’ll see posters advertising Patient’s Bill of Rights:

Patient’s Bill of Rights

(Adapted from the American Medical Association)- Respect: Each individual will be treated as unique & their human dignity will be respected.- Autonomy: The patient shall determine what will be done with his or herself. The patient has a right lớn confidentiality of their medical treatment và records, and to have all medical personnel safeguard that right.- Truthfulness: Physicians will be truthful with patients và their families & should avoid withholding information. This allows the patient to lớn make informed decisions.- Beneficence: Medical personnel must follow the ethical principle of always doing or promoting the best care that they can offer.- Non-maleficence: The Hippocratic principle, named after the ancient Greek physician whose ethics are still followed 2,300 years later: “DO NO HARM” (Primum non nocere in Latin).- Justice: Fairness; each patient will be treated equally to all others with the kindness và respect that are given khổng lồ all.- Fidelity: Medical personnel must remain faithful to lớn promises made.- Right-to-know: Nothing shall be done to lớn a patient without his/her informed consent.

Quite simply, Victoria Healthcare has raised the bar for clinics and hospitals in Ho chi Minh City, & no other establishment has caught up yet.