Matthew Vaughn"s spy film brought stars Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Pedro Pascal và Jeff Bridges to lớn Hall H.

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Hall H got a lesson in being a gentleman Thursday — as well as a lesson in how lớn drink fine whiskey from Halle Berry.

Kingsman: The Golden Circleshowed off new footage from the film, including an extended chase scene that seesEggsy(TaronEgerton) fending off Charlie (EdwardHolcroft), a formerKingsmanfrom the first film. The chase-scene/fight has plenty of JamesBond-esquemoments, including a knife-boot và a oto that turns into a submarine.

Matthew Vaughn, who appeared via a video clip message, directs the sequel, the first time he’s everhelmeda follow-up lớn one of his films.Egertonappeared in Hall H alongside co-stars Colin Firth, Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Pedro Pascal and Jeff Bridges. Also at the panel: comic book legend (andKingsmanartist) Dave Gibbons & screenwriter Jane Goldman.

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This time around, theKingsmenhead to Kentucky after their U.K headquarters is destroyed. They must seek help from some U.S. Counterparts (the Statesmen), who also have a still-alive Harry (Firth).

Firth remained mum on how his character was alive after appearing to die in the năm ngoái original: “It’s a mystery to me. I’m in the trailer.”

He continued to lớn deflect questions about his character throughout the panel: “To say anything about what I vì feels like a spoiler. I had a different task in this one. That’s all I can say.”

Egerton said the fun you see on screen is reflected in the making of the movie.

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“Matthew creates a sprit of fun. It’s a dream job,” he said, but he admitted it can get a bit rough.

“You get hurt a little bit,” he said, explaining his hand got injured in the car chase sequence when it got caught in a car door and when he got punched square in the face in a fight sequence.

While the movie, và the clips shown, were heavy on cool action, Firth made it a point to say any kích hoạt movie, has to lớn be more than that,” said firth. “If you’re not rooting for someone, it kind of dries up after a while. And Matthew is really good at drawing that out. It’ s got that dynamic stuff but it’s got some handkerchief moments.”


The panelists really got into the Kentucky spirit of it all, with them pouring whiskey for one another (Berry earned huge applause by appearing to chug a glass of whiskey). The cast also showed off another clip, which featured Tatum’s character givingEggsyquite the Southern welcome. Finally, there was a third đoạn clip showing off a witty introduction khổng lồ Julianne Moore’s villain Poppy, who has a ‘50s aesthetic.

Many fans expected Fox would trot out itsX-Men movies (Deadpool2,New MutantsandDark Phoenixare all due out in 2018), but that didn’t happen during the studio’s panel, which focused exclusively on Kingsman. Some fans were disappointed, but many others got plenty of fun và wit served by Vaughn in the three extended clips that showcased the pop, humor and style of the upcoming movie.

In addition khổng lồ the new trailer released earlier Thursday (see the đứng đầu of the post), Fox unveiled a newKingsmancrossover withArcher.

The fully-animated short, which opened Fox’s Hall H presentation at Comic-Con, lets Sterling Archer loose in theKingsmenHQ … which goes about as well as would be expected. Some spies just can’t hold their liquor.