Soya Garden is the First Organic Standard Soybean System in Vietnam. With the desire to lớn bring customers another choice of beverage experience space, besides Coffee and Tea, Soya Garden is built on the mã sản phẩm of a chain of stores specializing in products from Organic Soybeans. Completely natural, non-GMO và imported directly from Singapore.

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Soya Garden Joint Stock Company, formerly known as Omotenashi Company Limited, is now a member company of Egroup Group. With the desire lớn offer customers another choice besides Tea & Coffee, Soya Garden is the first store chain specializing in non-GMO organic Soybean products, certified by USDA Organic. Highest Organic Certification by the US Department of Agriculture.

1. Mission:

The mission of Soya Garden is to lớn bring nutritious products that are not only Delicious, Beautiful but also Good for the health of customers.

2. Vision:

Soya Garden will make Soybeans a popular drink like Tea and Coffee all over the world.

3. Objectives:

In 2018, Soya Garden will have 50 stores nationwide, continue to lớn improve and improve product và service quality. By 2020, the Soya Garden brand will officially develop in the regional market.

4. Commitment:

Soya Garden with Commitment 4 Fresh: 

Fresh Products: In order to lớn bring customers the most natural và freshest taste experience, all Soya Garden products are made from premium organic soybean seeds, non-GMO, to USDA Organic standards – the highest organic certification issued by the US Department of Agriculture, safe & healthy for users. Each material that makes up each product line has a clear, natural origin, does not contain any chemical ingredients. Moreover, the difference also comes from the creativity in the recipe and the diversity in the hàng hóa portfolio. Soy milk sounds monotonous, nothing new, but only when coming khổng lồ Soya Garden, customers have the opportunity to enjoy soy milk with many different flavors, rare anywhere.Fresh Space: Elegant from màu sắc to design, with 3 main màu sắc tones, blue, yellow, white; Soya Garden impresses diners right from its simple layout but has its own features. Inspired by the name itself, each space is cared for every small detail, filled with natural light, with a modern style but still retains the purity, closeness, and greenness like a zone. True garden.Fresh staff: Applying the service standards of the country of cherry blossoms – Omotenashi, at Soya Garden, customers are not strangers like a “god”, we always consider them as long acquaintances. Welcome day khổng lồ play home. Every employee, regardless of position, has taken the noun “Omotenashi” (Japanese – hospitality) as a guideline for improving the service unique of the whole system. All Soya Garden staff, with their enthusiasm, dedication, meticulousness, are always trained and inspired to lớn give customers the best experience. Each customer coming to Soya Garden can feel a warm welcome, warm, & warm like coming lớn the house.Customer Smiles: Customer smiles are considered the center of every moment và experience at Soya Garden. Every element we are trying lớn create: organic products, fresh, green, high-class experience space, Japanese standard service quality, … all aim for one common goal: to bring smile, joy và satisfaction khổng lồ each customer in every visit.

5. Sản phẩm difference:

Ambition khổng lồ completely replace animal milk with soy milk, at Soya Garden, all products are made from premium organic standard soybeans, imported directly in Singapore.

With the freshness, sweetness, smoothness, safety quality, no chemical ingredients, we believe that no matter who the customer is, at any age, we will find a product. Products that suit me at Soya Garden.

6. Concept Soya Garden: – Authentic soybean garden

Inspired by the name “Soya Garden”, each “soybean garden” is cleverly arranged & decorated according to lớn a homogeneous, elegant, natural and close concept like a true soybean garden.

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With the combination of 3 main colors of blue, yellow, white, và the sophistication of interior details, making the most of natural light và surface area, Soya Garden is currently one of the spaces. The ideal booth for many customers is the most sought-after.

Not only beautiful, but the Soya Garden space also gives customers the best experience: an electric charging socket is available for all positions, diverse furniture with a single table design, double table, meeting table. Group, ground table … suitable for all purposes of working, learning, và entertainment of customers.

7. Japanese standard quality service – Omotenashi spirit

“Omotenashi” translates into Vietnamese meaning “hospitality”, the development of Soya Garden is not only based on the organic unique of Soybean milk products but also depends greatly on the unique of service, the way of serving as well as the dedication of each employee in the company lớn customers. All Soya Garden staff have been, và are, with their enthusiasm, dedication, meticulousness, và will strive khổng lồ provide the best customer experience.

At Soya Garden, each employee, before entering the official work, must undergo a period of rigorous professional training from greetings to guest behavior. The standards are built on the hospitable art “Omotenashi” from Japan, ensuring absolute customer satisfaction.


1. History begins:

Soya Garden Joint Stock Company, formerly known as Omotenashi Company Limited, is now a thành viên company of Egroup Group. With the desire to lớn offer customers another choice besides Tea and Coffee, Soya Garden is the first store chain specializing in non-GMO organic Soybean products, certified by USDA Organic. Highest Organic Certification by the US Department of Agriculture.

2. Development process:

On April 25, 2016, Soya Garden’s first store was opened at 150B O mang đến Dua, Hanoi. By August of the same year, the second store with more investment in space appeared on Vu Pham đắm đuối Street, creating a trend to experience & enjoy new drinks.

By the kết thúc of 2017, the Soya Garden system has grown rapidly with 11 branches, present in many provinces and big cities in the North such as Hanoi, quang đãng Ninh, Bac Ninh, Thanh Hoa, …

In December 2017, through the program Shark Tank – Billion-dollar deal, Soya Garden received a large investment from Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thuy, Chairman of Egroup Group with the amount of 20,000,000,000 VND (twenty VND billion) for phase 1 & will continue khổng lồ invest more in the following phases, the total number has not been disclosed. In early 2018, Omotenashi Co., Ltd. Officially changed its name lớn Soya Garden Joint Stock Company.

April 25th, 2018 – 2 years full of Soya Garden brand’s birth, simultaneously opened 02 branches Soya Garden – Imperia Garden & Soya Garden – vinhomes Gardenia, marking the New Beginning of Soya Garden, with pictures, products and services are outstandingly improved và upgraded.

As of October 2018, Soya Garden’s First Organic Standard Soybean System has opened four more stores, bringing the total number of stores to lớn 14 stores. All are located at the foot of office buildings, high-end residential buildings, and crowded streets: Soya Garden – Hapulico, Soya Garden – My Dinh Plaza 2, Soya Garden – Central Point, Soya Garden – Van Cao.

2019- 365 DAYS OF TRANSFORMING: After 03 years of operation, Soya Garden has reached 50 stores nationwide, is present in many big cities such as Hanoi, Ho bỏ ra Minh City, domain authority Nang, Vinh, nhì Phong, with the ambition to lớn become a công nghệ company in the field of F&B products in Asia.

By 2021, Soya Garden aims to xuất hiện 300 stores, the number of which is not inferior to today’s big F&B chains like The Coffee House or Highlands. However, not only stopping the story of opening the chain, CEO 8x determined khổng lồ bring soy products to lớn the cấp độ of coffee và milk tea. Then “go soya” will be lượt thích “go coffee” or “go milk tea”. But going soya does not have khổng lồ go lớn Soya Garden, but khổng lồ use soy products in general.

I. ACHIEVEMENTSuccessfully raising capital at Shark Tank with a so-called investment of 55 billion, Soya Garden grew rapidly after that.