Focusing on legendary leaders, The Conquerors expansion pack challenges Age of Empires 2 veterans & novices alike lớn wage war on an epic scale with all-new civilizations, unique units và technologies, & campaigns based on infamous conquerors such as Attila the Hun, El Cid và Montezuma.

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Age of World Empires v1.05 adjusted some unit skins to lớn make it more historically accurate comparing lớn v1.03.

Age of World Empires is an independent unit skin thủ thuật for Age of Empires 2 The Conquerors. It is made on the basis of AOFE thủ thuật 2.2, featuring 23 civs. This hack enables independent unit skins for different civs/factions. For example, you will see Byzantine cavalry, Mongolian cavalry, Chinese cavalry, all different from the European knight. You will also see Asian halberdier and Japanese Ashigaru pikemen with flag on their backs. This hack is for Age of Empires 2 Conqueror version, you must have C patch installed.

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Instructions:1.Install: Run the Installer exe, select your default AoK directory, Age of World Empires will be installed in your mặc định AoK directory.

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2.Play: /age2_x1/aowe.exe3.Uninstall: In your mặc định AoK directory, you will find a uninstaller exe for this mod.


Spanish Tercio


Koreans và Japanese. You can see ashigaru pikemen with flags.


New Heavy Cavalry Line in v1.05

New Pikeman Line in v1.05

Credits:1. This hack is made on the basis of AOFE mod 2.2. Thanks khổng lồ AOFE team for the great works.2. Graphics of Middle Eastern knight, cavalier, Far Eastern knight and cavalier are made by Ivindor.3. East European building set is made by Gwotyng from steam workshop.4. New castle age buildingset for Chinese, Koreans và Mongols is made by my friend Huanglukuzhu, with the basis of Korean building made by Sanghwi from AOKH.5. European Halberdier is the Danish Halberdier made by Courtjester1 from AoKH.6. Frank Halberdier is modified upon the basis of the Swiss Pikeman made by Courtjester1 from AoKH. I changed the helmet.7. Byzantine Halberdier is the Shielded Pikeman made by Dave3377 from AoKH.8. Genoese Crossbowman is the Arbalest made by Jorgito.9. Far Eastern Halberdier is made by adongct from New wingless hussar is modified upon the basis of hobelar from Age of Chivalry Hegemony mod. I changed the shield on its back to lớn make it easier to lớn distinguish it from the light cavalry.11. Japanese champion is made by mehdan from AoKH. I địa chỉ some player màu sắc on its legs.12. Japanese pikeman and halbedier is made by Ivindor.13. Japanese Knight and Cavalier is made by Achesun from AOKH.14. Eatern man-at-arms is made upon the basis of Eastern swordsman made by Dave3377 from AoKH.15. Eastern champion is made upon the basis of a unit from Age of Chivalry Hegemony mod.16. Mesoamerican pikeman is made upon the basis of Sunda Royal Fighter.17. Elephant archer skin is from patch 3.5.18. Spanish house is from Portuguese Civ mod II.19. Mediterranean watch tower is made by Warsmithy from AOKH.


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